Canada Homestay Agency

Canada's Premier Homestay Agency for Students / Guests

Private and Shared Accommodations (Meals and No meals) for students 19 required

Weve taken the old method of finding homestay students and revolutionized it for the better.  No more applying to individual schools and competing with 200 host families for the opportunity to host the 10 or 20 students enrolled in their school in the upcoming months.  We currently have 700+ students in our system looking for accommodations NOW! Private or Shared Accommodations , Meals or No meals wanted.  Most students/guests are over the age of 19 and are looking for nice safe accommodations close to their place of work or school. 

 We have developed a unique system, in that instead of waiting for schools to contact the families we give all registered families complete access to our extensive database including complete contact information of the students.  Our database consists of students coming to all major Metro regions of USA regardless of what school affiliation they have or what country they are coming from.  This grants you with the most wide spread selection of students and ensures greater occupancy rates then relying on an individual private school to contact families, which many times take months to find placements. 

The reason our database is so successful is that we do not charge students/guests any fees to register.  Most schools charge students up to $300 per placement therefore limiting the amount of students actually registered. Do you ever wonder why there are thousands of International students in the city but the schools can never provide placements on an ongoing basis? Approximately 90% of students bypass using the schools and advertise themselves through the internet or agencies like ourselves that do not charge them a pennyWe advertise locally in your city as well as overseas ensuring a large selection.

Families are also free to negotiate compensation directly with the students. This allows both parties to come to agreements easily.  From our system, you can pull down a search of what country the students are coming from, when they are arriving, when they are leaving, what they are looking for and approximate price they are willing to pay for accommodations.  There is no other company that will provide you this information and especially not the schools.

Complete registration will grant families with a full 6 month or 1 Year access to our extensive database.  This allows families to organize as many placements as possible for the 1 year period or longer.  No other agency fees will be charged regardless of the family finding 1 student or 10 students over the complete time period.  You will be given a username and password to access full contact information for the students including date of arrivals, meal plan request, personal information, pictures, email and phone numbers.

We hope you enjoy our services and please remember to login to our website daily as new applicants are being added on a 24 hour basis.  Also when contacting the students directly ensure to provide as much information as possible especially distance to public transit.  Approximately 99% of our students are in their early 20s and quite flexible in terms of meals.  They are usually students that leave for school in the early morning and are back later in the evening.  All students request public transit be no more than 15 minutes to their accommodations and the public/private schools be no more than 60 minutes.  If you fall into this category than there are many students waiting for Host families NOW.