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Homestay Agency in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria, Winnipeg, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto Homestay Agency in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria, Winnipeg, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto Homestay Agency in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria, Winnipeg, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto Homestay Agency in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria, Winnipeg, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto Homestay Agency in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria, Winnipeg, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto Homestay Agency in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria, Winnipeg, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto

Canada's Premier Homestay Agency for Students / Guests

Private and Shared Accommodations (Meals and No meals) for students 19 and over 

Guest/Student FAQ

1) What is Homestay? It is a unique accommodation arrangement to stay with local host families and individual hosts in their fully furnished homes while attending school, internship, or simply relocating from another city or country. Private accommodations with meal and no meal options are also available.Following is a list of typical individuals who would like homestay:

  • Students from other cities or countries.

  • New Comers with “ working holiday visa, permanent residence, and temporary work permit”

  • Visitors who would like to longer to discover and enjoy the beauty of the land, culture, and meet new friends.

  • Relocating individuals or couples in search who would need temporary long term accommodation for few weeks or months.

2) Do students and new comers who stay in homestays learn the language faster? Yes, when students and new comers spend time with those who speak the language at the homestay, they are able to learn it faster and acquire more confidence.

3) What is the minimum age to apply with your homestay agency? Our minimum age is 19 year old. You also must be 19 years or older to complete a homestay application with us.

4) What is the minimum stay? The minimum stay is two weeks. Review homestay rates/costs page for more details.

5) What kind of housing is available in a homestay? Housing is available in the form of single room in apartments, town houses, or houses also shared private accommodations with other students.

6) What items will be in my room? Each homestay guestroom contains a bed and bed linens, a desk/study area and chair, and dresser/closet.

7) Are utilities included? Yes, electricity/hydro, heat and hot water.

8) Is Internet access included? Internet access is mostly included if you have your own computer or laptop with wireless connection.  This is to be discussed directly with the host family before accepting accommodations. However, if you would like to insure that you have wireless High-Speed or DSL access, you will need to select Semi-deluxe or Deluxe type homestay when you apply. You may wish to review the homestay rates page and get further information about  types or levels of homestay and what they usually offer.

9) Will I have my own bathroom? Some Host families in the deluxe homestay range offer the visitor their own bathroom, subject to availability, and most offer bathroom facilities that are shared by the family. Please note that your bathroom supplies are not included; like your own shampoo, soap, towels, tooth paste, brush, shaving gel, raiser, and toilet paper.

10) Does homestay include transportation? No. You are expected to be independent and be able to use public transportation. Most hosts will assist you with information and show you how to travel around the city especially on the first week after arrival. Some hosts will also offer you a free or paid rides with them, like car pool, if it convenient in terms of time and daily route.

11) Will there be any other students in the Homestay? If a host family has more than one private guestroom available, there may be several students in the same Homestay.

12) Do I have to get and pay for all the meals? No. You select the daily meals that you want at the time of the application. Our meal plans are as following:

1)      No meals

2)      Breakfast only

3)      Breakfast and dinner

4)      Three meals

PS. You can review our all inclusive homestay rates for your destination city on our website.

13) When I request meals, does the family cook for me all the time? No. The host family will shop groceries for an extra person shopping. In most cases, they will provide you with food items to prepare your own breakfast, lunch or dinner. Some families prefer to offer you a cooked meal for lunch and dinner.

14) Can I request to increase the number of meals or decrease them after the first month? Yes. If you request to reduce your meals, hosts will understand when you may have late hour schedule or wish to eat outside at your leisure, or simply homesick to your home country meals and wish to prepare your own meals. If you request additional meals, you should ask your host if it is possible. Some hosts may not be able to offer additional meals due to work schedule or other personal reasons.  

15) May I make my own food? Yes. Most host families will allow you to prepare or cook your own food, when you are normally careful and follow their kitchen hygiene and safety habits of doing things. You can easily take the time with your host to go over using kitchen equipment and utensils after arrival. Same with laundry facilities and security system if available...

16) May I request a specific Homestay? Yes, you may choose from any homestay that has contacted you.

17) Can your company locate a homestay for me?  The students / guests are responsible for making there own arrangements once the families have contacted you.  We are definitely here to help in case you have questions.

18) Do I get to accept a homestay or request another option?  Yes, you do. Options are only subject to available host families with vacant room in the requested city or neighbourhood. The choice is yours whether you wish to accept the arrangment that the host offers.

19) Will I receive a key to the house to come in out? Yes. Please note that a key is responsibility and point of trust in you by your host. Ensure that you ask your host when you wish to invite a stranger, your friend, or school mate to the house.

20) Will I be able to watch television? Yes, only at suitable hours. TV is usually shared TV in a common area or living room. If you want your own private TV, you should consider the deluxe type option at application time.

21) Can I use the host family's telephone? You may make local telephone calls from the Homestay, if local calls are free. All long distance calls must be made using a calling card. Please ask your host if you are going to receive calls and what are the best times for people to call you. Consider your own prepaid cell phone number, since telephone line is not usually in your homestay rate and it could be more convenient for you.

22) May I use the family computer? Yes, but you need to ask your host. Make sure you use a local access number when you log on to the internet to avoid long distance charges. Do not open any file attachments or junk mail that may put your host’s computer at risk. Your host may not have the proper protection on his or her computer and may loose a lot of important files. Kindly ask your host how long you can use the computer for since they may have some regular work to do. Hosts are not required to offer a computer; therefore, we urge you to careful or best bring your laptop with you.

23) May I smoke in the house? No. Majority of hosts refuse that anyone would smoke inside their home, some also do not like the smell, or cause them a health reaction to an allergy. Majority of hosts will ask that you smoke outside the house in a designated area using an ashtray. You are kindly required to respect their request for the sake of good health and well being of all. Few hosts will allow you to smoke inside if they do. Please note that in most cities and towns in Canada, USA, New Zealand, and Australia, smoking is banned by laws inside buildings, restaurants, airports, hospitals, or public areas.

24) Can I do laundry in the Homestay? Yes. The host family will show you where the laundry facilities are and how to use operate the laundry machines without damaging your clothing.

25) Will I be able to go shopping? Yes. Your host will show you how to go shopping after arrival, but if wish, you could ask your host to go out shopping with them. It could save you time, effort, money to accompany your host. Most hosts know where to buy things cheap or have memberships that can save you money.

26) Will I be able to go sightseeing with my host? Yes, but only if you are asked. When hosts have free time; however, your admission ticket to attraction is your own cost. Also, if you do trips or excursions with your host family, usually hotels and restaurants costs are not included. Please inquire with your host in advance about such costs before.

27) Will I have a curfew (time that I need to return to the Homestay each night)? You do not have a curfew. However, it is customary that you tell your host family if you will miss dinner or will return to the house after midnight. Hosts usually worry about their guests and students if all of a sudden they do not come back home as usual. It is commonly so in big cities where crime rate could be high. In general, hosts want your safety and may give you valuable tips.

28) Can I have a guest come to my Homestay? Yes, but only with the host family's agreement.

29) Can I stay at a friend's house during my visit? Yes. Let your host family that you will be staying outside and how you can be contacted should someone ask about you.

30) Can I be picked up at the airport? Yes. Please include that request in your application and complete flight details. YOu will need to make arrangement directly with the host regarding pickup. You will also need to compensate them for there time.

31) Do you provide airport drop off?  No, Please contact your host family well in advance, they may be able to assist you or direct you to the best possible way to travel to airport.

32) What is a "List of House Rules"? House Rules are the rules of the particular host family with whom you are staying. These rules may include requests by your host to lock the doors of the home when you leave, turn off the lights of your room or bathroom before you leave, or avoid receiving phone calls after a certain time at night. These rules usually apply to members of the family and guests. Homestays that accommodate more than one student at once find it easy to make such a list and leave it in the guestroom.

33) How can I get Student Health and Travel Insurance? Contact your homestay coordinator or school admission department for special group or student rates and benefits offered by popular insurance providers. Consider that cost of medical attention and emergency healthcare can be very expensive beyond comprehension International students and guests. You better be prepared for the unexpected. Usually, insurance cost less than a cup of coffee per day but may save you thousands of dollars. For international guests, please consult with your own insurance broker or travel agent in your country of origin before travel.

34) Where can I get an application form and how much is the application fee? You will find the online application on this website, please insure that it is the guest or student application. The application is FREE.

35) Is the application fee refundable? Currently we do not have an application fee for students/guests. This service is completely free to all students and guests.

36) Is there a deadline for submitting the application? No. We accept applications at all times. Kindly allow a minimum of two to four weeks for best results.

37) Can I apply early? Yes please. You may certainly apply anytime up to a year in advance. We prefer early applications and we give them good priority in terms of options and availability. Early applications allow as us to help you better, but if you have just found out about us, we still would love to assist you.

38) How much are the monthly homestay fees? The homestay fees vary according to level of accommodation and number of meals required. We have put together a table of rates based on going homestay market rates on our website. Review the homestay rates/costs page for more details.

39) Is it possible to bring a relative or a friend “as a companion” to stay with me? Yes. You need to account for additional homestay rates, at least one and have time of the regular homestay rate when your relative or friend will share the same room with you. Companion arrangement must be decided upon in advance at the time of application and detailed information about the companion must be submitted on a separate online application, Please make notes in the comments and special requests section of both applications regarding your companion request.

40) How long does it take before I get to know information about my host? It all depends on when you are arriving, your requirements, availability homestay, and city occupancies. There is no estimated time, but it could be right away. Please check your email inbox regularly and reply to your potential host email immediately. You are always welcome to check on that status of your application at anytime.

41) How much must I pay in advance to book the homestay room? You will be required to pay it directly to host family upon arrival and again on the 1st of each month.  No fee is due in advance unless negotiated with the host family.

42) When I request airport pick up, how do I know who will meet me at the airport? At the final stage of homestay placement, your homestay coordinator or host family will email to you the airport pick up instructions.

43) If I were to book a flight ticket now, which days or time are ideal to arrive at the host family?  It is best to consider arriving in the afternoons and evenings, or anytime all day on Saturday on Monday. Avoid late night arrival if you can, but most host families are accommodating if you experience delays.

44) What if I experience delays from the airline or miss my flight? Please contact the host family by telephone and your airport pick person or service that will be waiting for you. Note that airport pick person or service may only wait for you up for two or three hours maximum. If you experience flight delays or cancellation, we urge to call if come close to a public telephone.

45) If my homestay room is not available for one or two days, can you provide me with assistance regarding finding temporary accommodation? Yes, we would be happy to assist you. Ask your homestay coordinator regarding possible temporary homestay, or provide you with a list of hotels, B&B, or hostels that offer reduced rates for our clients. No extra agency fee for this service.

46) What if I need additional help with registering me in language courses near to my homestay? Yes, ask your homestay coordinator. We get a number of schools offer special grants or reduced tuitions for our clients. No extra agency fee for this service.

47) Are the families screened before they contact us? We mostly act as a database for allowing hosts to contact students / guests.  We ask families to ensure they are located within 15 minutes of public transit and 60 minutes to the schools.  We do not accept any responsibility in terms of quality of hosts.  If you do have any concerns please feel free to contact us and we can point you in the right direction. The responsibility is ultimately up to the students / guest and hosts to ensure all parties are happy.




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